Friday, February 25, 2011

Bountiful but Blurry Babies

Here is another SCAD tablescape that I did this week for a luncheon at the SCAD Museum of Art. The primary focus of the table was on plaster babies by noted SCAD alumnus Marcus Kenney. You might be have seen them before in shopSCAD or in his original installation at the Telfair Museum

Marcus Kenney installation at Telfair's Jepson Center for the Arts, 2007
Babyscape-  I love the wallpaper peeking out from the open doors

I adore these babies, and own one of my very own. I can be heard telling visitors at shopSCAD all the time "that baby packs a lot of art," as I describe how I notice mine almost daily sitting peacefully in the foyer at my home.

Marcus Kenney baby that lives at my house
So, it was a pleasure to do this tablescape. As I carefully unwrapped each one and exclaimed exuberantly that this one or another had freckles or, “oh, look...this one has painted toenails,” I believe I was starting to convince Lauren and Sam (co-conspirators in tablescape and SCAD event staff members) that yes, they, too, needed one for their home. I warned them it can be expensive to hang around me as I lovingly ramble on about SCAD artists’ work!

This tablescape is simple, with lots of Marcus Kenney babies all gathered together, some in clique-ish circles at each end of what I believe is perhaps the largest table I have ever seen and then others scattered about or perched atop bits of sawed-off logs.

The room I worked in was filled with the work of celebrated African American painter, mixed media sculptor, performance artist and illustrator, Faith Ringgold. Her exhibit, “The Art of Faith Ringgold: Story Quilts and Freedom Quests,” explores diverse art historical and cultural traditions as well as complex themes of freedom, feminism and race through her rich visual imagery. I have included pictures of this, and please forgive all images in this post for their blurriness – my camera battery was dying on this day.

Really large table at SCAD Museum of Art
Faith Ringgold exhibit at SCAD Museum of Art
Faith Ringgold
Faith Ringgold
Faith Ringgold
SCAD Museum of Art 

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Katie Runnels said...

I love those babies! I love the round the campfire circles too- something very powerful about that! What are they discussing? I'm sure your work led to some interesting luncheon discussion! xox